Too much talk and not enough action – Neil Parry’s response to Sheffield City Council’s draft Air Quality Strategy in the Sheffield Telegraph, 14 December 2017
Alex Chinneck: Why I want to build a set of giant chimneys along a Yorkshire
canal, article in the Yorkshire Post 12 December 2017
City faces its own dilemmas about air quality which need addressing written by John Mothersole, Sheffield Council Chief Executive, in the Sheffield Telegraph, 16 November 2017
‘Hearts and minds’ approach needed to tackle Sheffield’s air pollution ‘health crisis’Sheffield Star 30 October 2017
It’s time to clear the air – Sheffield wants to tackle vehicle pollution Sheffield plans to become the first council in the North of England to fine drivers who leave their vehicles running outside schools – Yorkshire Post 24 Oct 2017
Four 100ft chimney sculptures to line Tinsley canalSheffield Star 20 Sept 2017
Read Ted Gunby’s letter to the Sheffield Star, 30 August 2017, about the lack of action from Sheffield Council on air pollution.
Investigation spotlights city’s pollution blackspots in the Sheffield Star, 24 July 2017
20mph zones as reported in the Sheffield Star, 14-17 July 2017:
New 20mph speed limit set for more than 300 streets in Sheffield city centre
Sheffield city centre could be turned into 20mph zone

Traffic-related articles in the Sheffield Star, June 5-7 2017:
£50M Lorry depot ‘needs no environment study’, June 7, 2017
City could ber a ‘mini Holland’ for cyclists, June 7, 2107
Is ‘Junction 33A’ the answer to M1 jams? June 6, 2017
Scaling back £300m Meadowhall plans, June 5, 2017

REVEALED: Air pollution hot spots in Sheffield where deadly fumes are more than twice legal limit Air pollution in Sheffield is up to two-and-a-half times the legal limit, shocking new figures show. The latest readings, published at the beginning of May, were taken from monitors placed across Sheffield as part of the East End Quality of Life Initiative.

Telegraph Voices: How could the air quality across Sheffield be improved – and why?Sheffield Telegraph, 20 April 2017:

  • Pollution has been far too low a priority – Neil Parry, East End Quality of Life Initiative
  • Fossil fuels are at the centre of a real crisis – Joan Miller, Sheffield Climate Alliance
  • Let’s devise a strong plan and seek Government funding – Peter Sephton, Sheffield city centre residents action group
  • Plants would be destroyed – Maria Val Martin, Sheffield University

Children exposed to air pollution article in the Sheffield Star, 6 April 2017

In conversation with Jeremy Corbyn, documented by Ken Loach 21 September 2016 – view Neil Parry’s contribution at approx 12:50 minutes.

All choked up: did Britain’s dirty air make me dangerously ill? Read John Vidal’s article in the Guardian, 20 June 2015

Committee on the medical effects of air pollution Statement on the evidence for the effects of Nitrogen Dioxide on Healthread report
Evidence of associations of ambient concentrations of NO2 with a range of effects on health has strengthened in recent years. These associations have been shown to be robust to adjustment for other pollutants including some particle metrics. Although it is possible that, to some extent, NO2 acts as a marker of the effects of other traffic-related pollutants, the epidemiological and mechanistic evidence now suggests that it would be sensible to regard NO2 as causing some of the health impact found to be associated with it in epidemiological studies.

Poor air quality linked to hospital admissions Chris Burn, in the Sheffield Telegraph, 2 April 2015.

Air pollution in Sheffield ‘closely linked’ with heart disease cases Chris Burn, in the Sheffield Star 28 March 2015.

Air Pollution UK

Check out infographics showing exactly how much some of the precursors of Particulate Matter (PM) cross the national boundaries of EU countries and what the impact of air pollution from PM2.5 and ozone is on different countries’ health and economy.

Pressure on Sheffield drivers to be more air aware Ellen Beardmore reports in The Star (11 Feb 2015) on Sheffield Council’s Air Aware campaign which is aiming to raise awareness about air pollutants nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter.

Sheffield Green Party councillor calls for action over air quality ‘crisis’ – article in the Sheffield Star

Jack ScottJack Scott presented an eloquent view of air quality difficulties in Sheffield to the Environmental Audit Commission, as reported in Air Quality Bulletin, October 2014

When will people listen to our pollution fears? Neil Parry’s letter in the Sheffield Telegraph, 17 July 2014

Fears over air pollution level article in the Sheffield Star 15 July 2014

‘Death sentence’ outcry as Sheffield greenlights Ikea store – see report in the Yorkshire Post, 24 June 2014

Pollution from Ikea in Sheffield ‘will cause deaths’ – see report in the Sheffield Telegraph, 19 June 2014
Pollution and Traffic fears over IKEA Store – see article from Sheffield Telegraph, 19 June 2014

Health Impact Assessment Workshops were held in Leeds and Sheffield. The presentations can be accessed here:

The Arts Council has published a report – The value of arts and culture to people and society – an evidence review Its findings on Health and Wellbeing include “Those who had attended a cultural place or event in the previous 12 months were almost 60 per cent more likely to report good health compared to those who had not, and theatre-goers were almost 25 per cent more likely to report good health. Engagement in structured arts and culture improves the cognitive abilities of children and young people. A number of studies have reported findings of applied arts and cultural interventions and measured their positive impact on specific health conditions which include dementia, depression and Parkinson’s disease.”

Youth Artwork on display on the Tinsley CanalTinsley Canal Art
The windows of the pump house on the Tinsley Canal are currently exhibiting artwork done by local young people from Tinsley Green Youth Club. They worked with local artist Joe Logan and other volunteers to create huge pieces of art that reflect their experiences of the canal and how they would like to see it treated. Find out more on the River Stewardship Company’s website.

Sheffield air quality ‘will get worse’ reports the Sheffield Star, 4 April 2014 Sheffield could be hit by high levels of air pollution more often in future – brought about by toxic fumes mixing with desert dust blown on the wind, a city geography expert has warned.

Bad air day: Pollution in our cities now so bad healthy people are at risk of harm reports the Daily Mirror, 25 March 2014 Air pollution in some major UK cities is a national disgrace which is killing thousands of people prematurely, warn campaigners. Manchester, Birmingham, London and Liverpool had at least five days last year when the air was potentially harmful to healthy people. Sheffield, which fared best overall, recorded six bad air days during the same year, compared to five in both Greater Manchester and Liverpool.

Steel city air rated the best with only 6 ‘bad air days’ But Neil Parry points out “There’s no doubt about it – air quality is bad on arterial routes in Sheffield – not just in the east end but also in the likes of Brookhill … a leafy, prosperous suburb” – read article from the Sheffield Star Friday 28th March 2014

Read Neil Parry’s article about air pollution which appeared in the Heeley Voice, March 2014

Citizen clean: Campaigners frustrated with the Government’s failure to cut the amount of air pollution are uniting to tackle ‘invisible killer’ If you live within earshot of the M1 in Sheffield, don’t be alarmed if you spot a furtive character attaching small plastic tubes to lamp posts and garden fences across the neighbourhood. It’s probably just Neil Parry, a clean air campaigner, and he’s not up to anything sinister, unless you are a developer trying to build a new road or a supermarket planning a lorry-filled depot. – read an article from The Independent, 19 March 2014

EEQOL attended the TUC’s climate change conferenceTUC conference in London on 21 October 2013. The speeches and presentations from the event are available online

Citizen Science – local air quality; local action an article about community air quality monitoring by Neil Parry and Barbara Rimmington, published in Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report, September 2013

Mapping for Change Air Pollution Conference, London, 17th April 2013
Neil Parry was invited to present to an Air Pollution Conference hosted by Mapping for Change at University College London on 17th April 2013. The conference was organised for concerned communities and organisations (mainly London-based). Speakers included:
Murad Qureshi, Chair of Health & Environment Committee, Greater London Authority
Dr Ian Mudway, Environmental Research Group, King’s College London
Maria Arnold, Healthy Air Campaign
Simon Birkett, Clean Air for London
Neil Parry, East End Quality of Life Initiative, Sheffield
Louise Francis, Mapping for Change

Sheffield urged to clean up its act and save lives Sheffield was urged this week to step up its efforts to tackle air pollution for the sake of residents’ health and the local economy – article in the Sheffield Telegraph 21 February 2013

Ted Gunby of Carter Knowle and Millhouses Community Group and Neil Parry from East End Quality of Life Initiative attended Independence DayIndependence Day in Frome Somerset, debating the future of the High Street, the increasing dominance of the big four supermarkets and the nature of our villages, towns and cities. Ted and Neil distributed a leaflet and in discussion informed campaign groups that air quality and health concerns can be an important weapon in campaigns to stop supermarkets. Browse photos from the event.
If you are concerned about the market-distorting power of the major supermarkets, try the Tescopoly website.

Traffic pollution obstacle as Tesco plans superstore (Manor Top) Sheffield Telegraph 18th October 2012

Sainsbury’s drop legal bid over superstore plan (Archer Road) Sheffield Telegraph, 4th October 2012. Ted Gunby, chair of Carterknowle & Millhouses Community Group said the decision was “good news for the neighbourhood”, and Neil Parry, EEQOL, said “developers have to think hard about the air quality issues raised by developments”

Sheffield East End Quality of Life’s website was ranked 12th in a review of websites (page 6) in Air Quality Bulletin (September 2012). They found it “a fact packed news site detailing the busy work of Neil Parry and his team”

Suburb fumes over air pollution – read the article in the Sheffield Telegraph 6th September 2012 about the report from Broomhill’s Air Quality Symposium

Radio 4’s File on 4 Diesel Pollution, broadcast 7th Aug 2012 (Neil Parry’s interview with Julian O’Halloran is about 24 minutes into the programme).

Pollution kills 500 each year Sheffield Star 9th July 2012

City breaches air pollution targets Sheffield Telegraph 5th July 2012

Pollution health fears as sun shines on Sheffield Neil Parry was interviewed on Rony Robinson’s programme on Radio Sheffield, 28 March 2012.

Pollution health fears as sun shines on city article on 29 March 2012 in Sheffield Telegraph.
Air pollution six times over limit and Trapped indoors by air pollution articles on 2 April 2012 in Sheffield Star.

Plea to improve air quality Sheffield Telegragh 1st Dec 2011

Neil Parry’s presentation to the Green Party Conference in Sheffield 10 September 2011.

Carterknowle and Millhouses Community Group celebrate rejection of supermarket expansion plansCarterknowle Aug 2011They hope the Sainsbury verdict will have a knock on effect on the nearby Tesco planning application. Read the articles from Sheffield Star 9th Aug 2011 and Sheffield Telegraph 11th Aug 2011, or download the Planning Inspector’s full report.

Interview about air pollution and health in Sheffield on BBC Look North, 9 March 2011

Traffic fumes may damage babies’ breathing Research at Sheffield Children’s Hospital investigates links between air pollution and babies’ respiratory problems, reported in the Sheffield Star 3rd Mar 2011

‘Radical action’ needed to curb city’s air pollution Sheffield Telegraph 3rd Mar 2011

We’re being choked Air pollution blackspots in Sheffield on the front page of the Sheffield Star and in the Opinion column, 28 Feb 2011.

Carter Knowle & Millhouses Community Group Campaign against local supermarket
Local concerns about poor air quality and its effects on health have led to a vigorous campaign against the development of a supermarket in the area. Articles appeared in the Sheffield Telegraph 3rd Feb 2011 and Yorkshire Post 7th Feb 2011

Fumes: Traffic emissions on Abbeydale Road already breach national pollution guidelines, a key reason for the planning decision Published Date: 03 August 2010 By Ben Spencer The Star News Reporter. A long-running campaign to halt plans to expand a superstore in the south of Sheffield has succeeded, after councillors rejected an application for planning permission read more

Handsworth Asda Demonstration against Air PollutionHandsworth Asda Demo 10Apr10, article in Sheffield Star 10 April 2010

Time for action on city’s Air Qualityletter in Sheffield Telegraph 8 April 2010

Air Pollution and Health in Sheffield on BBC Look North, 6 October 2010
East End Quality of Life Initiative and Sheffield Primary Care Trust talk about the burden of air pollution on the health of Sheffield residents

Air quality in Sheffield again featured on BBC’s Look North on Monday 25 January 2010.

Concerns over air pollution in Tinsley featured on BBC’s Look North on Monday 2 Nov 2009
Follow this link to watch the programme (feature starts approx 50 seconds into programme).

Kettlebridge Action Group win Green Pennant Award KB16oct09
Read the article in the Sheffield Star 12 Oct 2009 for more details.

Residents protest over traffic pollution
Star17sep09Concerned residents confronted motorists making their morning commute into Sheffield to urge them to cut their car use – read the full article in the Star, 17 September 2009, and see more photos from Tinsley and Darnall.

Outstanding Contribution to Improving Air Quality
Neil ParryCare4AirNeil Parry, Project Co-ordinator for East End Quality of Life Initiative, receiving Care4Air’s most prestigious award for his outstanding contribution to improving air quality in South Yorkshire.

David Bocking’s article in the Sheffield Telegraph, 18 June 2008

Winner Community Project Award LGC & HSJ Sustainable Communities Awards 2007 lgchsjaward



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