Tinsley Neighbourhood Quality of Life Trends 2000-2007 (September 2007) illustrates in graph form responses from Tinsley residents about quality of life issues in the area over the period.

Tinsley Forum co-ordinated a survey of quality of life and employment issues during 2006-07. The questionnaire was developed by a number of organisations working in the area. It covered a wide range of issues, with different parts of the questionnaire aimed at different age- or interest groups within Tinsley. Overall, 253 people took part. Reports available for download

Building on data collected since 1997, Sheffield East End Quality of Life Initiative developed and monitored Quality of Life Indicators

Developing Locally Agreed Quality of Life Indicators: the example of the Darnall Action Area, Sheffield

Monitoring trends in Quality of Life Indicators:

The data was collected in the following surveys:

Based on DETR’s Local Quality of Life counts: a handbook, the East End Quality of Life Initiative investigated the availability of baseline data for the government’s suggested indicators. These can be found in Quality of Life Indicators: summary of data available for the Darnall Action Area (December 2001)

Quality of Life Indicators: survey of the Darnall Action Area October-November 2001 gives the results of a survey of local residents. They were asked what they felt should be measured to show how quality of life in the area was changing. A summary is available (91KB pdf file) as well as the full report.


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