Sheffield East End Quality of Life Initiative (EEQOL) is a community led project with a track record of delivering social, economic and environmental change within Sheffield, across South Yorkshire and with influence nationally. The project is funded by Sheffield City Council Public Health.

EEQOL works through a community advocacy and research role to give practical support to community forums throughout Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and further afield. The project co-ordinates community air quality monitoring, using diffusion tubes to monitor levels of nitrogen dioxide.

Past Achievements include:

  • Worked with Sheffield City Council, Tinsley Parents and Childrens Consortium, and Tinsley Sure Start to ensure the new Tinsley Green Centre was an outstanding example of environmental good practice for Sheffield.
  • Helped set up the participation of local communities to influence decision making in regeneration areas funded by Objective 1 in South Yorkshire.
  • Undertook a participatory Health Impact Assessment of the Rotherham Sheffield Motorway Corridor Planning Study.
  • Developed locally agreed Quality of Life Indicators in the Darnall and Tinsley areas of Sheffield.
  • Recruited and trained local researchers to undertake community-led research and evaluation in various areas of Sheffield.

Tackling Climate Change In 2008, East End Quality of Life Initiative loaned out Smart Meters to people in Darnall, Tinsley, and then other parts of Sheffield. Smart Meters (from Efergy, who supplied the project with the meters at cost price) showed where and how energy was being used, helped identify where energy consumption could be reduced, and confirmed whether energy saving measures are working. This helped to communicate the effects of climate change to local communities in Sheffield and demonstrated what people could do for themselves, and the practical benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the home.



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